Quality Life Center

'Young at Heart' Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

Our ‘Young at Heart’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation program is geared toward seniors and is designed to address issues they may face with like minded peers. Services are provided to adults 55 years and older with a mental health diagnosis.

About Our 'Young at Heart' Rehabilitation Program

While offering the same services as our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program, we tailor our Young at Heart Program in an effort to make our seniors more comfortable in addressing their issues. It is our strong belief that an active lifestyle, social interactions and increasing support systems improve each individuals quality of life.

The primary goals behind the Young at Heart Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program are to provide crisis stabilization in the least restrictive environment while assisting, empowering, and educating individuals to improve their Quality of Life. We also foster relationships between individuals and resource providers so our individuals are linked to the resources they need.

These Goals are Achieved Through the Sessions That Address:

  • Managing one’s mental illness
  • Daily medication
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Social skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Pre-Vocational/Vocational Training
  • Social support and networking
  • Time management
  • Money management and much more!