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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Medicaid, Medicaid HMO’s, Private and Commercial Insurances, and Private Pay.

You may make your payment using PayPal with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

Private Pay cost $105 per hour.

Online therapy is therapy conducted through technology mediums. Today’s online therapy is conducted primarily by video conferencing, telephone, and live chat. Learn more on our TeleQue page

  • Make it possible for clients to access services at any time, and any day of the week
  • Serves clients in remote and under-served regions
  • Reach out to clients who are physically unable to leave their homes
  • Reach clients who are unwilling for a variety of reasons to seek face-to face services

The technology needed will depend on the form of online therapy you choose. For video conferencing you will need a web camera, microphone, and high speed internet access.  For telephone, and live chat therapy you will need internet access.

Learn more on our TeleQue page

TeleQue practices the highest level of security when it comes to confidentiality for the people we serve. All video and chat transmissions are compliant to HIPAA regulations. Sessions are recorded and stored for 7 days for supervisory purposes. After 7 days, the sessions are removed from the secure servers forever.

Yes. All professionals are required to be licensed and credentialed to be listed on our site.  We check with each states governing bodies to ensure that every therapist is in good standing.

Most people think of therapy as last resort.  What many don’t realize is that therapy can greatly enrich your life whether you’re in crisis or not.  Therapy may be fitting if you can relate to any of the following:  the problem feels too big or complex to handle alone;  others suggest you need to talk to someone or get some form of help; you’ve tried numerous strategies over the years but still seem to feel “stuck” in negative patterns of emotions, thoughts, behaviors, or relationship patterns; or you just don’t seem to be reaching your full potential in your marriage, career, friendships, or hobbies.