Quality Life Center


Our Mental Health Programs

Quality Life Center supports you through programs and services offered in a private, comfortable and caring setting. Our mission is to give you or your loved ones the tools you need to feel confident, accepted, valued, empowered and good within yourself. Our staff serves you or your loved one with individualized and innovative services aimed at building strengths and improving emotional and social well being. We are your partner in positive living. 

Step Through the Door to Recovery

Treatment at Quality Life Center is based on the philosophy that whether you are working through mental health or addiction issues, Recovery Is Possible. You can live a life that is positive, fulfilling and satisfying. As your Partner in Positive Living, our guiding principles are that effective recovery is Self-Directed, Person-Centered, Individualized and Strength Based. We want to help you move in the direction of change that is attainable, at a pace that is comfortable for you and generates your positive outcome.

Psychiatric Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Targeted Case Management