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5 Way To Feel More Energized During the Workday

5 ways to feel more energized during the workday

It’s only natural for our energy levels to dip during the day, whether it’s because we’ve been in front of our screens for too long without breaks or we feel drained after back-to-back tasks or meetings. But there are small steps we can take to help us course-correct and take on the rest of the day — and our work — with more energy and creativity.

These five science-backed Microsteps tips can help you feel more energized during your workday:

1 – Take a Moment to Thank Others

Research shows that practicing gratitude at work boosts our resilience and strengthens our connections with co-workers — and most important, helps us feel more fulfilled and energized by our work. After completing a project, write an email to your team expressing your gratitude, or compliment one person you worked with on how helpful they were throughout the process. It’s easy to forget the power of a simple “thank you” during a busy workday, but it goes a long way in spreading positivity and good energy, both for the person being thanked and the person doing the thanking.

2 – Set Reminders to Drink Water

Did you know that staying hydrated can help boost your energy. You can use the reminder feature on your phone, or put them on your calendar just like you would for a meeting. “Our brains are made up of 75 percent water, and even mild dehydration can rob us of our full brain power and leave us feeling less energetic.  On the flip side, scientists found that staying hydrated can lead to an increase in productivity by as much as 14 percent.

3 – Take a Walk in Between Meetings or Tasks

Sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time without much movement can cause our energy levels to dip, which is why taking a brief walk during the day can help us reset. And if you’re in back-to-back meetings all day, consider making one of them a walking meeting. One survey from the Harvard Business Review found that teams that implement walking meetings are 8.5% more likely to be engaged with their work, and over 5% more likely to feel more creative.

4 – Make Time For Something You Love Outside of Work

Studies show that carving out time to focus on a passion outside of work, even for a few minutes, can be beneficial for our mental health. Try scheduling time on your calendar this week for something that matters to you, either before or after work, or during your lunch break. Whether it’s going to the gym, learning to play an instrument, or seeing friends, setting a reminder will help you find the time to follow your passion and reset from a busy workday.

5 – Share a Laugh With Your Colleagues

When you’re feeling fatigued during the day, a moment of laughter can give you the pick-me-up you need to feel reset and re-energized. Researchers have found that laughter can help us relieve stress and boost our mood. Try sharing a funny meme with a co-worker, or watch a video clip as a team to spark joy with those around you.