Who We Are


Our Mission

It is the mission of Quality Life Center of Jacksonville to assist and empower individuals with the experience and skills necessary to achieve their life role of choice. It is our commitment and obligation to provide the highest quality of service and support possible while maintaining the dignity and respect of those we serve.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that self-confidence and self -value are key indicators of successful community living and integration. Increased opportunities for self-directed successful community life experience is the basis for increased self-confidence and self-value.

By creating a safe environment in which the individual is encouraged and empowered to direct their own, and their environments activities, and provided with opportunities to learn the skills necessary to do so, individuals gain in self-confidence and self-value. Thus, they are better prepared to make informed decisions for their life role of choice.


It is the policy of Quality Life Center to employ. promote, and provide services to individuals regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or genetic information. We believe in equal opportunity for all employees and individuals we serve. Auxiliary aids will be made available for use by participants, future participants, employees and applicants with impaired sensory, manual or speaking skills in each phase of service delivery or employment process. Quality Life Center of Jacksonville is committed to complying with ADA requirements.

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